Academic Activities

Blossom Tree Academic Activities

Each day at Blossom Consists of an exciting range of opportunities and experiences for your child to discover which include:

Singing, Drawing, Acting, Numbers, Writing, Story Telling, Dramas, Puppet Shows, Building Blocks, Puzzles, Creative Sessions, Games Ball Pool, Aerobics, Art & Craft, Gardening and Many More...

Learning Approach

Our approach is not limited to only academic output of a child but rather caters to realise the potential of the child across diverse realms.

Language Developemnt

I can Read, write, Listen & speak. Allow me to express myself.

Coginitive Development

I can think logicaly, solve puzzles. I am very curious.

Personal Awareness

I know about myself & Feel Pround of what I am.

Socio-Emotional Development

I have Feelings, I need Love and Tender care.

Individual Potential

I have talent, can you help me to explore & nuture it?